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Bad news – caps are junk!

Turns out the cone lined caps that I though were so great are not so great after all.  They work great at first, but after some time in contact with the amly they become brittle and crack easily.  Of course I’m just finding this out now- way after the return period has passed.  So I have something like 400 of these that I can’t use.  Guess I’ll add them to the collection with the other couple hundred of the orgional thin glass bottles I still have…  At least the glass bottles ought to be usable still, as long as one of the other ten kinds of lids that are available for them hold up under pressure!  I should know next week, the company that sells them in bulk is sending me a sample pack to try out.

In the meantime I bought some vials on amazon designed for cryogenics, these ought to work just fine.  I am considering raising prices to cover these expenses, the lids, the ice packs, the thermal mailers, the new lab glassware, with all these unforeseen expenses and low sales volume I am not making any money at all right now.  I really don’t want to raise prices anymore than they already are, but if I don’t I will go bankrupt.  And I really need a new pair of shoes (I’m not kidding I’ve been wearing nothing but my Nike Jordan sandals for over 6 months now.  What am I, Jesus?  No of course not.

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