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Updated shipping service, new lower prices. Also added optional tip jar

Instead of charging everyone the same flat rate for shipping, now the price you pay is the actual price I pay to ship. Only saves you a few bucks in most cases, but still, better than nothing, right?

Also added a tip plugin so if you feel inclined to give me a tip please do so! I don’t make a ton of money doing this, actually barley floating above the red most of the time now. I was profitable when I had a store on but they shut me down after 3 months… still profitable here but not nearly as much! Please spread the word, and leave a review if you have a moment to, even just a star rating one liner or one word is better than no feedback at all!

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i’m going to post the last date of manufacture and will post whenever a new batch is made, even though this hasnt ever been a problem, seems that some of you like to invent problems that dont even exist and make up stupid lies about how I do things.

butyl: 3-27
n-amyl 2-19 (4 bottles left (site inventory says 60, because I have reagent left still, at this rate, I will NOT be getting more reagent, unless sales pick up that is…)
isopropyl 2-23

I have a bunch of 30ml bottles of butyl and isopropyl. So do I need to jack the price back up to sell them or what?