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New bottles on the way, moving to plastic & foil sealed type

The following picture is of  a bottle of poppers I have used my new induction sealing machine on to melt the foil liner to the plastic.  Its been sitting with the lid off upside down for 3 days.  The only thing that is slightly concerning is the bubble that has formed.  But I also sealed one other bottle at the same time at this one but left the lid on, and no bubble formed, so I think they will be fine.  I ordered 100 of them anyways a few hours ago from a distributor in the US and they were in stock, so should be here soon, I hope.


I also have been trying out flame sealing glass ampules, I was only able to get the small ones to seal, and with a low success rate, 4 out of 10 I was able to seal well enough, and only one looked pretty.  Attached is a picture for kicks, I may try again with the ampules if there is any interest in them.  Its not easy to seal these!  And the large ones I couldn’t get a single one  done right.

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Bottles with the blue caps are no good…

I really thought I tested the blue capped bottles that were designed for cryogenics well enough but the rubber liner melts… Glad I only bought 50 of them I guess…  I got a sample of some higher quality cone lined caps that I am testing right now, I hope they work because I have 300+ glass bottles still.  Also got an induction sealing machine but it only came with two bottles, testing that out also.  Seals up fine but time will tell if those kind of bottles will hold up or not.

The black capped bottles are still okay though!