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About tracking info and shipping

Sense I have changed shipping services the automated emails that contained tracking info have stopped working for most people. Because the payment systems I have in place are not automated, I have to check if payment has been received for every order before I can generate a shipping label. Occasionally orders slip through and go unnoticed, but not very often. If 2 weeks have passed sense you paid for an order and you have not received it, please get a hold of me immediately via email or whatsapp so we can get it resolved. Inside the United States, if using USPS, I must ship ground advantage, due to the product being liquid and highly flammable. For larger orders (anything over 3 bottles) please include an extra few dollars so I can purchase insurance coverage on the package. Insurance is supposed to be included (up to 100$) on USPS ground advantage packages, but I have had to file claims nearly half a dozen times already. Every time I file a claim it takes longer and longer to receive a check from them, and I do not want to draw any more attention that I may already have so I am not going to file any more claims unless extra insurance is purchased, because the extra insurance actually goes through a 3rd party instead of USPS.

I typically ship the same day if payment is received before 4pm central time, except on Sundays. BUT because I am stuck using ground advantage for nearly all orders, depending on where you live, it can take up to 2 weeks to get your order. Most orders are received within 4 business days however. Again, if its been two weeks sense your order was paid for and you still have not gotten it, please get a hold of me right away.

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