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Been having some issues with the way I’ve been verifying orders

If you placed an order and paid and its been more than a week and a half, please contact me so we can get it sorted out.  Thank you

EDIT: Most of the kinks have been worked out, everything except bitcoin should be working now.  I’ll still accept bitcoin payments however at  this address:


Just send me an email, include your the address you sent from and when payment has been confirmed and I’ll ship out your product after I check it out.  I can however see this could be taken advantage of rather simply but with the low volume of orders, especially bitcoin orders (only 1 attempt so far) this method will work for for a little while at least. I will get around to fixing the automated system soon but this should be fine in the meantime.  You could also pay in Monero, which I would greatly prefer to bitcoin anyways!

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New payment methods added!

I’m very pleased to announce the addition of several new payment methods!  Now accepting bitcoin, etherum and monero all P2P  based so no fees or hassles of signing up for any kind of additional services.  Also have enabled paypal payments and general credit card processing though paypal as well.  I haven’t tested these payment options thoroughly yet however, if you encounter any problems please do not hesitate to contact me for a quick resolution.  Thank you!