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New product, n-amyl nirtite

New product released today, the reagent required for producing this stuff isn’t cheap, hence the price increase.  And was actually sponsored by an individual whom wanted it.  Future batches my be even more expensive than this one so get it now before costs go up.

This stuff is more similar to butyl nitrite than it is to isopropyl nitrite, comes on slowly but is stronger than butyl.  GIve it a try and let me know how you like it!  TY for your business, it is very much appreciated, and needed badly…

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Just because kicked me off their platform doesn’t mean you can’t buy then anymore!  We still have isopropyl nitrite and butyl nitrite for sale and expect to be adding n-amyl nitrite soon, by the 23rd of this month or sooner.  Business has been terrible sense etsy was my main channel for sales… going from selling one or two bottles a day to selling one or two a MONTH is very depressing.  If business does not pickup soon I will shut down the website entirely as it costs $40+ every single month just to have AWS host it.