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Upcoming giveaway

Hello again,

I will be giving away small sample bottles again coming soon, awaiting on delivery of some foil stick on seals, the day after they arrive I will ship the samples out.  I only ask that the shipping costs and a small handling fee are paid (to cover the cost of gel ice packs and thermal mailers all orders now ship with).  For 7$ I will send 1 or 2 small bottles (5ml) of product to try out.  These are the old bottles the ones I very first started out with, I still have several hundred of them and need to get rid of them.  I will do my best on packaging them and hope that they are not handled too roughly as the orgional bottles are much thinner than the ones I use for regular orders.  As long as they are not stepped on or thrown against a hard floor they should be ok.  They will be vacuum sealed and then in a zip lock baggie so leaks ought to be minimal to nonexistent.

Thanks, D

4 thoughts on “Upcoming giveaway

  1. Interested, low on operating funds, fellow OC.

    1. ? OC ? Giveaway is over do not have funds to give away stuff anyways and really its not like this is a orgional brand new product I have to give out in order to sell any. Was kind of a dumb idea. I don’t know how to market anything.

  2. Hi I sent a reply earlier and asked for a sample if you could but I didn’t explain why I was asking for one. I recently opened up an adult bookstore and am looking to fill it with items that the other stores don’t have. And I want to buy in bulk so that I can offer just as or better than the customer can get online. If your product is as good as you claim I would like to place an order for 1000 right away because all the other stores can’t keep pops in stock. At $22 for a small bottle I think there is quite a demand for it around here. lol. Again lmk if you can help me out.

    1. Its even cheaper now, and if you buy in bulk it will be even cheaper than 15$ a bottle. I can give it to you for 10$ a bottle if you buy 10 or more at a time.

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