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Alright, here we go again! (Best kind of bottles arrived today!!)

I finally got the ‘good’ bottles.  The glass is much thicker and they have a cone type plastic seal built into the cap!  If these don’t hold the juice in then nothing will.  Once again satisfaction is guaranteed or product will be replaced or you will be refunded*!  (*I will have to take shipping cost out if the refund, which varies from ~$4 and up depending on your location and quantity ordered).  I’ve been doing this entire business out of my own pocket so far and this is the only way to at least do my best to not starve and keep water running and lights on.  And my cats will probably kill me if I run out of money for litter again this month.

I am updating product descriptions and pictures and prices right now, note that these new bottles hold 3 times the amount of one of the old ones but I will only be doubling the price, so your basically getting one bottle for free.

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