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Shipping issues and continued email problems

Hello all,

Its getting warmer out, this is bad news when it comes to shipping poppers, as they degrade rapidly in higher temperatures and are prone to leakage.  The high temps cause the popper liquid to expand, so full bottles can leak out to nearly half empty.  To combat this I will be (temporally at least) splitting each popper into two bottles but each bottle will only be halfway full.  I may try and require all shipments be in boxes and every box labeled with a ‘this side up’ sticker but I highly doubt that mail carriers will follow it strictly (or at all…) during shipping.  This would be the only way to really prevent leaking altogether.

Also I expect some materials to arrive shortly that will extend the life of the poppers, this coupled with the half full double bottles I hope will allow the product to arrive at its destination as potent as possible.  If you have any issues with your order, please do not hesitate to contact me at donwillcow at gmail dot com and I will have your order replaced ASAP.

Thank you for your business, we appreciate it (and you) very much!

Yours truly,

Don W.

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