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Current bottles in use are very unreliable… Good ‘standard’ bottles are on the way set to arrive tomorrow!

Well I have finally decided to give up on the cheaper little Chinese bottles.  Twenty dollars for 100 of them was just too good to be true, failure rate was right around %80.  only 1 in 5 bottles made it to its destination over %75 full.  Thankfully I have found a supplier whom sells the ‘good’ bottles and lids that all the rest of the popper manufacturers use!  They are due to arrive tomorrow.  Liquid tight and can handle at least some pressure so these ones are about as good as it gets.  They are much larger than the little 5ml bottles I have now, weighting in at 15ml they hold 3 times the volume of juice.  Unfortunately I will have to charge more for these ones due to their increased cost and because they hold 3x as much as the old ones.  I do not expect to go any further than double what the 5ml ones cost, three times the juice but only twice the cost???  Hopefully that will be fine with ya’ll!  Feedback is always welcome, good or bad!

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