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i’m going to post the last date of manufacture and will post whenever a new batch is made, even though this hasnt ever been a problem, seems that some of you like to invent problems that dont even exist and make up stupid lies about how I do things.

butyl: 3-27
n-amyl 2-19 (4 bottles left (site inventory says 60, because I have reagent left still, at this rate, I will NOT be getting more reagent, unless sales pick up that is…)
isopropyl 2-23

I have a bunch of 30ml bottles of butyl and isopropyl. So do I need to jack the price back up to sell them or what?

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  1. I am a quite experienced lover of the popper experience for assplay. I live in Ontario, Canada, so the federal banning of poppers has made me unhappy. We still obtain poppers, but quality pales to what was standard back in the day. The formula most readily available is isobutyl nitrite. I have experienced the interference with hemoglobin called
    methemoglobinemia as an athlete who is very aware of my cardiovascular fitness, this was distressing, to be avoided. I have two unopened bottles of
    isobutyl product, as a 76 year old on a fixed income, wastage is significant. Can I successfully buy non isobutyl product from you. Evading customs is the biggest issue. Do you have experience and knowhow?
    Cheers, Peter

    1. Unfortunately I am unable to ship to Canada at this time.

  2. Hey man! What does the shipping time look like in the US?

    1. Typically 2-3 business days, we had some flooding happen about a week ago and shipping got delayed a few extra days, but it has sense subsided and everything is back to normal.

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