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Shipping label feature fixed!!

It seems to have fixed itself, which is somewhat unsettling to me, I like to know as much as I can about the technologies I rely on.  At least its working again.  I have been very busy writing code and learning new things about serverless technologies the past couple of weeks, and will continue on this path for as long as it takes.  Estimated time before v1 launch is still at least a month away.  Now that I can print labels here again the preferred method of ordering is going to be to use this site, the fees etsy collects are rather high, more than %10 plus a small listing fee of 20 cents per listing per month.

Unfortunately the super cheap USPS shipping option for $5 has been far too slow lately.   Shipping to Texas has taken as long as 2 weeks when using ‘Ground Advantage’ from USPS, on several separate occasions as well so I don’t think it will get better.  As of today shipping via USPS for only $5 has been discontinued permanently and is being replaced with ‘USPS Priority’ which is $10.

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