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Server upgrades, may have caused severe glitches about an hour ago (6am central time)

The site was running on the cheapest instance type and was getting overloaded several times throughout the day this past week.  So an upgrade was definitely overdue.  Unfortunately it really was not much of an upgrade, just changing the instance type of a still single server will only go so far, to get real performance at the lowest costs possible I will need to figure out how to move from lightsail to a more ‘real’ type of configuration.  I’m going to have to choose to go serverless or start learning how to wrangle ec2 instances.  Dealing with ec2 and the like is becoming a thing of the past and I already have some experience with serverless structures, but not with serverless wordpress sites!  I’m not even sure if its possible to run wordpress serverless… I don’t think it is.  I’m not even sure if it can have multiple application servers. At best it can proabbly only support a database server, one app server, maybe a memcached server, and a cdn.  Ok well I don’t have to choose serverless or not then because its not an option afaik. I would have to rewrite the entire codebase, which would take a rather long time I think if I was to try and reproduce every single feature the site currently uses.

Well hopefully lightsail holds up for a while longer, there are a few more larger instance types that the current one anyways but they are getting kind of expensive.  Started out at only 5$ a month.  Its going to be at least 25$ a month now.

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  1. Alright, I think I have gotten a better grip on it, ended up with a load balancer an app server and a database server. Will have at least one more app server sometime soon here but the site should function perfectly fine with just one app server as long as there isn’t too many concurrent users.

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