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Did your bottles leak?

Hello again!

Because I was stupid and trying to hurry the bottling process I thought using scissors instead of drilling a hole in the plastic insert (I do this because if solid inserts are used, they blow off with so much force most of the contents would come out if one was not very careful) but that caused many of the bottles to leak badly…) I have ordered new bottles that comes with inserts that already have holes in them, the remaining old bottles I have left are being stored upside down so leaking should not happen any more!  If it did happen to your order please just let me know and a replacement will be shipped out to you pronto.   After I get the new ones and can confirm they do not leak,  future leaking issues I will like a picture of them before opening the seal for proof if possible!  If you didn’t see this message and did not take a picture, go ahead and let me know, as long as not everyone does it they will get replaced.  TY!!

2 thoughts on “Did your bottles leak?

  1. The product was good but barely got to try any because the bottles leaked and then the product was gone. So sad…

    1. Sorry about the leaking bottles, it has been resolved finally with the newest bottles. They are very similar to the ones all the other popper vendors use, same lids and all.

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