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i’m going to post the last date of manufacture and will post whenever a new batch is made, even though this hasnt ever been a problem, seems that some of you like to invent problems that dont even exist and make up stupid lies about how I do things.

butyl: 3-27
n-amyl 2-19 (4 bottles left (site inventory says 60, because I have reagent left still, at this rate, I will NOT be getting more reagent, unless sales pick up that is…)
isopropyl 2-23

I have a bunch of 30ml bottles of butyl and isopropyl. So do I need to jack the price back up to sell them or what?

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New product, n-amyl nirtite

New product released today, the reagent required for producing this stuff isn’t cheap, hence the price increase.  And was actually sponsored by an individual whom wanted it.  Future batches my be even more expensive than this one so get it now before costs go up.

This stuff is more similar to butyl nitrite than it is to isopropyl nitrite, comes on slowly but is stronger than butyl.  GIve it a try and let me know how you like it!  TY for your business, it is very much appreciated, and needed badly…

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Just because kicked me off their platform doesn’t mean you can’t buy then anymore!  We still have isopropyl nitrite and butyl nitrite for sale and expect to be adding n-amyl nitrite soon, by the 23rd of this month or sooner.  Business has been terrible sense etsy was my main channel for sales… going from selling one or two bottles a day to selling one or two a MONTH is very depressing.  If business does not pickup soon I will shut down the website entirely as it costs $40+ every single month just to have AWS host it.

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Shipping label feature fixed!!

It seems to have fixed itself, which is somewhat unsettling to me, I like to know as much as I can about the technologies I rely on.  At least its working again.  I have been very busy writing code and learning new things about serverless technologies the past couple of weeks, and will continue on this path for as long as it takes.  Estimated time before v1 launch is still at least a month away.  Now that I can print labels here again the preferred method of ordering is going to be to use this site, the fees etsy collects are rather high, more than %10 plus a small listing fee of 20 cents per listing per month.

Unfortunately the super cheap USPS shipping option for $5 has been far too slow lately.   Shipping to Texas has taken as long as 2 weeks when using ‘Ground Advantage’ from USPS, on several separate occasions as well so I don’t think it will get better.  As of today shipping via USPS for only $5 has been discontinued permanently and is being replaced with ‘USPS Priority’ which is $10.

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New bottles on the way, moving to plastic & foil sealed type

The following picture is of  a bottle of poppers I have used my new induction sealing machine on to melt the foil liner to the plastic.  Its been sitting with the lid off upside down for 3 days.  The only thing that is slightly concerning is the bubble that has formed.  But I also sealed one other bottle at the same time at this one but left the lid on, and no bubble formed, so I think they will be fine.  I ordered 100 of them anyways a few hours ago from a distributor in the US and they were in stock, so should be here soon, I hope.


I also have been trying out flame sealing glass ampules, I was only able to get the small ones to seal, and with a low success rate, 4 out of 10 I was able to seal well enough, and only one looked pretty.  Attached is a picture for kicks, I may try again with the ampules if there is any interest in them.  Its not easy to seal these!  And the large ones I couldn’t get a single one  done right.

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Bottles with the blue caps are no good…

I really thought I tested the blue capped bottles that were designed for cryogenics well enough but the rubber liner melts… Glad I only bought 50 of them I guess…  I got a sample of some higher quality cone lined caps that I am testing right now, I hope they work because I have 300+ glass bottles still.  Also got an induction sealing machine but it only came with two bottles, testing that out also.  Seals up fine but time will tell if those kind of bottles will hold up or not.

The black capped bottles are still okay though!