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About shipping again…

Turns out UPS isn’t all that great either, dropped off some orders on the 9th and they sat here until the 13th… At least they didn’t loose the packages like USPS did I guess.

I’m reenabling USPS shipping, and leaving UPS on there also, so its up to you who you want to handle your orders from now on. Oh and I will ship whatever you select, technically I am only supposed to use ground advantage, but its such a small amount of liquid and its not dangerous so if you pay for airmail it will get sent airmail.

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I’ve had enough of their bullshit, unless ITS ABSOLUTLY NECESSARY to have your order shipped with USPS, I will be using UPS from now on. Sorry its a little bit more expensive and I might end up having to raise the flat $10 shipping fee if it ends up being higher than that. I haven’t gotten live rates figured out for anything but USPS so far, and I refuse to pay for an upgraded version of some crippled plugin. I hate wordpress, it used to be fine, but its gone from being something free to being something thats free, but crippled badly, and they want you to pay to uncripple it… and they don’t make it easy to fix it yourself either. Sorry but I have better things to do than read through your garbage nonsence obfuscated code… like learning go and pocketbase, and then I’m going to put a react frontend on it. Was trying to put a next.js frontend on it, but was difficult to get user login to play along with it. Anyways kinda off topic I guess…

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Bulk orders are back!

Huge discount given for bulk orders (min 50% discount from retail price, ever more on some products). If you run a sex store or headshop or even a kinky gas station, buy in bulk today and have product on your shelf as soon as tomorrow! Double (or more) your money easily.

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Bitcoin payments disabled, at least for now…

The company behind the bitcoin payment processor plugin I was using is a scam afaik. Their customer service has refused to reply to me at all I have sent numerous emails to them and have tried to contact them with their chat app and it always says “we will be back online tomorrow” or some bullshit. They have nearly 100$ of mine. Sure am glad I didn’t get many more orders that were paid for with bitcoin. Again, company ‘speed’ with url ‘’ is a SCAM, beware.

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About USPS shipping

Do not bother getting ‘Priority’, for one, due to the product being a highly flammable liquid, I can only ship ground advantage with USPS. Other carriers this is not the case. I have not figured out how to remove the priority option yet but its on my todo list.

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About tracking info and shipping

Sense I have changed shipping services the automated emails that contained tracking info have stopped working for most people. Because the payment systems I have in place are not automated, I have to check if payment has been received for every order before I can generate a shipping label. Occasionally orders slip through and go unnoticed, but not very often. If 2 weeks have passed sense you paid for an order and you have not received it, please get a hold of me immediately via email or whatsapp so we can get it resolved. Inside the United States, if using USPS, I must ship ground advantage, due to the product being liquid and highly flammable. For larger orders (anything over 3 bottles) please include an extra few dollars so I can purchase insurance coverage on the package. Insurance is supposed to be included (up to 100$) on USPS ground advantage packages, but I have had to file claims nearly half a dozen times already. Every time I file a claim it takes longer and longer to receive a check from them, and I do not want to draw any more attention that I may already have so I am not going to file any more claims unless extra insurance is purchased, because the extra insurance actually goes through a 3rd party instead of USPS.

I typically ship the same day if payment is received before 4pm central time, except on Sundays. BUT because I am stuck using ground advantage for nearly all orders, depending on where you live, it can take up to 2 weeks to get your order. Most orders are received within 4 business days however. Again, if its been two weeks sense your order was paid for and you still have not gotten it, please get a hold of me right away.

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Updated shipping service, new lower prices. Also added optional tip jar

Instead of charging everyone the same flat rate for shipping, now the price you pay is the actual price I pay to ship. Only saves you a few bucks in most cases, but still, better than nothing, right?

Also added a tip plugin so if you feel inclined to give me a tip please do so! I don’t make a ton of money doing this, actually barley floating above the red most of the time now. I was profitable when I had a store on but they shut me down after 3 months… still profitable here but not nearly as much! Please spread the word, and leave a review if you have a moment to, even just a star rating one liner or one word is better than no feedback at all!