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Awaiting new glassware, current batch ships out monday afternoon

I’m afraid I broke a crucial piece of glassware, separating funnel.  Current batch is complete and will be shipped out Monday afternoon, but must wait until I get the new piece of glassware before I can continue manufacturing more product.  I hope it arrives soon but could take a week or so as its coming from china.  Will keep everyone updated.

EDIT: I found a workaround so I can continue production without any degradation to product.  The new glassware (whenever it gets here..) will make things a lot faster and easier to do larger batches at one time is all.  Thank you all for your patience and support during the early phase of this business!  Things will only get better from here on out!  🙂

1 thought on “Awaiting new glassware, current batch ships out monday afternoon

  1. Order arrived quickly with zero leakage. Thanks guys!

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