Sampler Pack – one of every kind I carry – 4 bottles total

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Get one of every kind of popper I carry for the low price of $40.

You will get

1x 15ml isoamyl (pentyl) nitrite
1x 15ml n-amyl nitrite
1x 15ml butyl nitrite
1x 15ml isopropyl nitrite

As always, bottles are never more than 3 months old (typically they are never more than a month old). Satisfaction guaranteed, if you are not happy with your purchase it will be refunded (no longer reshipping orders when the delivery provider says it was delivered or it is still in transit, if you need your shipment ASAP then you need to pay extra for better shipping, the blame for USPS taking 3 weeks to deliver something is not my fault and I will no longer be taken advantage of.)

Additional information

Weight 8 oz


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