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I’ve had enough of their bullshit, unless ITS ABSOLUTLY NECESSARY to have your order shipped with USPS, I will be using UPS from now on. Sorry its a little bit more expensive and I might end up having to raise the flat $10 shipping fee if it ends up being higher than that. I haven’t gotten live rates figured out for anything but USPS so far, and I refuse to pay for an upgraded version of some crippled plugin. I hate wordpress, it used to be fine, but its gone from being something free to being something thats free, but crippled badly, and they want you to pay to uncripple it… and they don’t make it easy to fix it yourself either. Sorry but I have better things to do than read through your garbage nonsence obfuscated code… like learning go and pocketbase, and then I’m going to put a react frontend on it. Was trying to put a next.js frontend on it, but was difficult to get user login to play along with it. Anyways kinda off topic I guess…

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